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Home Schooling Page



What Is Home Schooling?

Home schooling is exactly what the name implies: a school in the home. Home schooling is an age-old educational method that has experienced a resurgence, beginning in the 1970s in the United States. This resurgence indicates a definite trend away from conventional schooling and standardized educational methods, and a return to the traditional tutorial process involving individualized instruction and apprenticeships. Furthermore, the home schooling movement is representative of a desire of parents to personally teach their own children at home in order to restore the traditional Christian values in education and bring unity to the family. These parents, for the most part, are seeking to train their children in God's principals, so they will grow up to love and obey God.


What About Socialization?

When someone asks of home education, "What about socialization?," he or she usually means, "How will these children get along with others when they are not in large, age-segregated groups of their peers the majority of the day?" He might mean, "How will this home-educated child learn to accept the American way of thinking and living?" Of course, the questioner presupposes a number of unspoken assumptions. For example, she assumes that a conventional-school classroom is the best setting for learning how to get along with others, that a child in such a classroom will learn best how to stand on his own, that an age-segregated situation with a government-certified teacher is the best for learning how to function and think in society, and that the conventional classroom setting is the healthiest setting for the psychological development of a child who is trying to become a mature adult in a democratic republic.

There have been several studies done that disprove this negative assumption associated with home education. Most have found that home schooled children were quite involved with extracurricular activities and actually functioned as well or better than children schooled in the conventional method. The greatest benefit from home school socialization is that the child can be protected from the negative socialization. In fact, the only "socialization" or aspect of the "real world" which they miss out on by not attending public school is unhealthy peer pressure, crime, and immorality. Of course, the average home schooler wisely learns about these things from afar instead of being personally involved in crime or immorality or perhaps being a victim.



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